How can I load poster board with my product?

  • Poster board requires space both behind and in front of the printer. The approximate amount of space required is shown below. If the printer is set up near a wall, make sure there is enough space at the rear.

    Paper Size Front (a) Back (b)
    A2 17.5 inches (444 mm) 5.3 inches (135 mm)
    A1 27.2 inches (691 mm) 15 inches (382 mm)
    B2 22.7 inches (578 mm) 10.6 inches (269 mm)
    B1 34.6 inches (880 mm) 22.5 inches (571 mm)
    24 x 30 inches 24.1 inches (612 mm) 11.9 inches (303 mm)
    30 x 40 inches 34.1 inches (866 mm) 21.9 inches (557 mm)
    Important: Insert the paper just before printing. The roller may leave an impression on paper that is left in the printer.
    1. Turn on the printer by pressing the button.
    2. Note: Closing the paper basket makes loading poster board easier.
    3. Press the button on the control panel. Press the button to highlight Poster Board and press the OK button.
    4. Raise all the poster board supports. Press the supports diagonally downwards and then lift then straight up.
    5. Place the printable side face up with its edge in front of the projecting supports as shown.
    6. Insert the poster board, using the edge to keep the supports pressed down.
    7. Open the printer cover.
    8. Insert the poster board, checking to be sure that it passes under the rollers.
    9. Close the printer cover.
    10. Position the trailing and right edges of the poster board as shown by the loading indicatios.
    11. Center the right edge over the groove to the right of the paper eject guide and align the trailing edge with the ends of the poster board supports, as shown.
    12. After positioning the media, press the OK button.
    13. The paper will be fed into the printer.
    14. Check the media type.
    15. The display shows the type of paper currently selected with the printer. To print at current settings, press the buttons to highlight Keep Settings Above and press the OK button. To change settings, highlight Change Settings and press the OK button.
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