The Paper Type selections for SureLab Photo Paper Glossy and SureLab Photo Paper Luster do not appear in the Windows driver. What should I do?

  • You need to install the ICC profiles for the product. To install the profiles, download SLD870_Paper_Setting_ENA.exe from the Downloads tab on the product's support page. Then follow the steps below to use the Epson SL-D800 Series Maintenance Tool Admin to install the ICC profiles.

    1. On your computer, do one of the following:

      Windows 10: Click > EPSON > Epson SL-D800 Series Maintenance Tool Admin.

      Windows 8: Navigate to the EPSON folder and select Epson SL D800 Series Maintenance Tool Admin.

      Windows 7: Click or Start and select All Programs > Epson > EPSON SL-D800 Series > Epson SL-D800 Series Maintenance Tool Admin.

      Note: You may need to enter a password.

    2. Click System Environment Settings.
    3. Click Select for the Reading Paper Type File setting and select Desktop > SL-D870 Paper Setup > SL-D870_AmericasMedia_0.0.1. Then click Open.
    4. Click OK until you see You need to restart your computer. Close all open software and click OK. Your computer will restart.

      The paper types will now appear in the driver.

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