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How do I adjust for dot gain on press?

  • You can alter dot gain on press by adjusting the dot gain on the plate. This is done from within the EFI RIP software. We have provided a number of presets to make this process easier. From the EFI RIP, click on the color tab in the Property window and select the Gradation tab (as shown below). 

    Under the "preset drop down" there are five different options to adjust dot gain: - Epson DirectPlate Aluminium.vcc is the standard (default) environment.

    - The options that have a "+10" and a "+15" added to the end are dot gain curves that increase dot gain (make larger dots).

    - The options that has a "-10" and a "-15" added to the end of its name are dot gain curves that decrease dot gain (make smaller dots).

    - In these options, the number represents a percentage and the higher the number, the greater the impact should be when imaged on a plate and on press.

    For example: If your press prints with more dot gain than normal, select a negative range (-10 or -15). Alternatively, if you have a new press with sharper than normal reproduction, select a positive range (+10 or +15).
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