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What is different about how I would use an Epson DirectPlate Aluminum Plate?

  • Epson DirectPlate-Aluminum technology is a unique solution that allows a water based (aqueous) ink to adhere to it but also will repel water during the printing process (after being cured). Because the unique coating on the surface of the Epson DirectPlate Aluminum uses a Hydrophilic coating (water loving) some customers have noted that a longer warm up cycle is required and more water should be applied to the plate before applying ink. Therefore, here are a few recommendations where your process might be different than your standard process:

    If the dampening system has a transition roller connecting the dampening system and the inking system together (For example: ALCOLOR and other similar continuous-feed dampening Systems), the transition roller should be deactivated.

    When the press starts up, the plates will require more water than conventional metal plates. Therefore, sufficient dampening should be set in advance. You should provide about 30 seconds of pre-dampening before turning on the ink rollers.

    If the printing press has a pre-dampening function, (for example Heidelberg Printmaster QM 46) set a higher pre-dampening level.

    If there are short breaks during the set-up phase, or when the paper stack is being replaced, leave the dampening rollers engaged on the plate. If this is not possible, restart printing in same manner as in the initial start-up procedure.
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