Support Projectors PowerLite Series Epson PowerLite 73c

How do you replace the projection lamp?

  • Follow these steps to replace the lamp:

    Note: You must reset the lamp timer after replacing the lamp. The replacement lamp EPSON part number is V13H010L1D.

    1. Turn off the projector, let it cool down, and unplug the power cord.
    2. Allow the projector to continue cooling for at least one half hour (if it has been on).

    Warning: Let the lamp cool before replacing it. To avoid premature lamp failure, do not touch the glass portion of the lamp assembly.

    3. Turn the projector upside-down to access the lamp compartment.
    4. Use the tab to slide the lamp cover off the projector.

    5. Use a screwdriver to loosen the two lamp cover screws; you can't remove the screws. Then pull out the lamp by the two notches.

    6. Hold the lamp by the tabs (as shown below) and pull it straight out.

    7. Gently insert the new lamp.
    8. Once the lamp is fully inserted, tighten its screws.
    9. Slide the lamp cover back on until it clicks into place.

    Caution: Make sure the lamp cover is securely fastened; the Warning light flashes and the projector lamp won't turn on if the cover is open.
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