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The colors in the projected image don't look right. What should I do?

  • Because of the different technologies used, your projected image may not exactly match the colors on your notebook or computer monitor.
    • Make sure the input signal setting on the Signal menu matches the signal from the connected device. If the image is too purple and you've connected a computer or RGB video device to the Computer1/Component Video1 or Computer2/Component Video2 port, select Computer1 or Computer2 as the input source. If you've connected a component video device to one of these ports, select Component Video1 or Component Video2. If you're projecting from a composite video or S-video source, make sure the correct Video Signal is selected on the Signal menu.
    • Try selecting a different Color Mode and adjusting the Brightness, Contrast, and Color Adjustment settings on the Image menu.
    • If you're displaying video, adjust the Color Intensity and Tint settings on the Image menu.
    • Check your computer display settings to correct the color balance.
    • If the image seems dark, the lamp may be nearing time for replacement. Check the lamp hours and replace the lamp if necessary.
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