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There are vertical lines in my projected image. What should I do?

  • If you're projecting from a computer and displaying an image that contains a lot of fine detail, you may notice one or more vertical stripes or bands, or some of the characters may look heavy or blurred. Press the Auto button on the remote control. This resets the projector's tracking and sync settings.

    If further adjustment is needed, you can fine-tune the Tracking and Sync settings manually using the Signal menu.
    1. Fill the screen with an image containing fine detail when making these adjustments. For example, in Windows you can select a pattern to appear as your desktop background. Or try projecting black text on a white background.
    2. Press the Menu button, then select the Signal menu.
    3. Adjust the Tracking to eliminate vertical bands.
    4. Adjust the Sync to increase the sharpness of the image or eliminate flickering or signal interference.
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