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How do I control my product remotely over a network?

  • Do the following:
    1. Open your web browser and enter the IP address of the projector you want to monitor in the browser window.

      If you're not sure what the address of the projector is, turn the projector on and select Net. Info.-Wired LAN or Net. Info.-Wireless LAN from the Network menu to display the IP address of the projector. Skip any zeroes at the beginning of the address.
    2. Press Enter, or if you set a Web control password in the projector's Network menu, enter your user name and password, then press Enter. You see a screen like the following:
    3. Select one of the menu options listed on the screen, then change any of the settings as needed. These settings correspond to those found in the projector's menu system.
    4. Select Web Remote under Projector Control. You see the following screen:
      • The Power button turns the projector on and off.
      • The Search button searches for signal sources.
      • The Computer button selects a computer signal (connected to the Computer1 or Computer2 port).
      • The Video button selects a video signal (connected to the Video or S-Video port).
      • The LAN button selects a network or wireless signal (using the optional wireless unit).
      • The USB button selects a USB computer display or a signal from equipment conected to the TypeA (flat) USB port, such as a document camera.
      • The Pause button freezes the image.
      • A/V Mute button temporarily turns off the picture and sound.
      • The Page Up/Down buttons control PowerPoint slides (requires a USB cable).
      • The Volume buttons raise or lower the audio volume.
      • The CC (Closed Captioning) button lets you display closed captioning for content that provides it.
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