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What is the RS232 command to retrieve my product's temperature status?

  • The RS232 command to retrieve the projector's temperature status is WLEVEL?. This command can be added to a Crestron or AMX command string, or can be used in a Windows HyperTerminal session connected directly to a projector's DB9 serial port using a NULL serial cable or a NULL serial adapter attached to a straight-through PC serial cable. If you are using a laptop with only USB ports, you will need to use a USB-to-DB9 serial adapter with an assigned com driver. Select the com driver to use in HyperTerminal.

    To set up HyperTerminal, do the following:
    1. Click Start or , and select Programs or All Programs, then Accessories and Communications.
    2. Select HypterTerminal.
    3. If this is your first time launching HyperTerminal, you will see this screen:
    4. Enter a name for your connection and choose an icon, then click OK.
    5. In the Connect using field, select COM1 and click OK.
    6. On the next screen, enter the settings shown in the fields below and click Apply, then OK
    7. Click File, then Properties, and select the Settings tab.
    8. Choose the settings shown below and click ASCII Setup.
    9. Choose the settings shown below and click OK.
    10. Click OK again.
    11. Press the Enter key on your keyboard and you should see a : prompt. Type WLEVEL? and press Enter. You should see the projector's temperature status. The temperature status codes are:

      T01Normal Temp (Low)
      T02Normal Temp (Middle)
      T03Normal Temp (High)
      T04High Temp alarm
      T05Hight Temp Error (Overheating)
    12. When you are ready to exit HyperTerminal, click File and Exit.
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