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A No Signal message appears when I display an image from an Elmo HV-110XG document camera. What should I do?

  • Do the following:
    1. Make sure the Elmo HV-110XG Document Camera is turned on and connected to the projector.
    2. Turn on the projector.
    3. If the projector screen is flashing off and on, continue with step 4. If the projector screen is solid blue, skip to step 5.
    4. Connect the computer to the Elmo HV-110XG Document Camera's HD-15 input port and switch the camera to Pass-Through mode. The projector screen should stop flashing and display the computer image.
    5. Access the projector's Signal menu and change the input signal (Computer1 Input or Computer2 Input) from Auto to Component. The Elmo HV-110XG Document Camera should sync with the projector and display an image from the document camera bed.
    6. Once an image appears, change the input signal to RGB (this will eliminate any pink casts in the image), then to Auto.
    7. Switch the source on the Elmo HV-110XG Document Camera to the document table.
    8. When you're finished, close the projector menu.
    Note: The Elmo HV-110 Document Camera will retain its new settings even if you connect to a different projector.
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