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How do I format a 32GB microSD card to use with the Moverio BT-100?

    Following the steps below for your operating system.

    Windows XP (SP3) or later
    1. Connect a microSD-compatible USD card reader to your computer, then insert the microSD card
    2. Go to My Computer on your computer.
    3. Right-click the drive letter for your USB card reader and select Format.
    4. Select FAT32 for the file system, then click Start.
    Mac OS X
    1. Connect a microSD-compatible USB card reader to your Mac, then insert the microSD card.
    2. Go to the Applications folder.
    3. Open the Utilities folder.
    4. Open the Disk Utility application.
    5. Select the drive for the USB card reader then click the Erase tab. Select MS–DOS (FAT) then click Erase at the bottom right area of the screen.

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