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How do I update my product's operating system?

    Follow the steps below.

    Note: You need a memory card reader, a SD card adapter, and a paper clip or pen to complete this task.
    1. Connect the miniUSB plug of the AC adaptor to the controller.

      Note: Be sure to insert the miniUSB plug firmly into the controller, so that the indicator lamp light's properly when the AC adapter is connected.
    2. Connect the headset to the controller.
    3. Insert the microSD card with the updated OS file(s) into the card slot on the left side of the controller.
    4. Hold down the 2D/3D and the Back key, then use the tip of a paper clip or a pen to hold down the reset button on the back of the controller.

    5. Release the reset button after the indicator light turns off.
    6. After the indicator light turns green, release the 2D/3D and the Back key.
    7. Wait for the blinking green indicator light to change to a binking blue light.

      Caution: The blue indicator light blinks for about five minutes.
    8. When the indicator light turns off, hold down the Power button for about five seconds.
    9. Put on the headset.
    10. When the gallery icon is displayed, turn off the unit by following these steps:
      • Hold down the Power button.
      • Select OK when the shutdown message is displayed on the screen.
    11. Restart the power and select Settings > About device > Build number, and confirm it is changed to the downloaded OS version.

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