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I see the message No Signal. What should I do?

  • Try the following solutions:

    • Press the Source button on the remote control, or press the  source button on the projector to select the correct input source. Allow a few seconds for the projector to sync up after pressing the button.
    • Press the  A/V mute button on the remote control to make sure the picture hasn't been turned off temporarily.
    • Check that the  power button is on, the  power light is not flashing, and the lens cover is open.
    • The projector may be in standby (or sleep) mode. If the  power button is on and the  power light is off, press the  power button to turn the projector back on.
    • Make sure your video equipment is turned on.
    • If you're using an iPod, make sure it is properly seated on the dock and that the Dock light is on. See Connecting an iPad, iPhone, or iPad.
    • If you are running an app on the iPod, iPhone, or iPad, make sure to press play on the screen.
    • Make sure your cable(s) are connected correctly. See Connecting Other Devices.
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