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What are the different Color Modes used for?

  • The Color Mode button lets you quickly obtain a good picture by automatically adjusting the brightness, contrast, and color of the projected image for various lighting environments. You can select a different color mode for each input sourcewhich is useful if you view different types of images from different sources. (For example, you might set the HDMI source to Living Room if it's usually used for watching movies in the daytime with the blinds closed, and the PC source to Dynamic for playing video games with the blinds open.)

    Select the image source you want to adjust, then press the Color Mode button on the remote control. Choose from these settings:
    • Auto: Automatically adjusts to the brightness of your surroundings.
    • Note: Do not cover the light sensor on the top of the unit, or the Auto color mode will not work.
    • Dynamic: For projecting the brightest picture available.
    • Cinema: For viewing movies in a dimly lit room.
    • Living Room: For watching television programs during the day.
    • Game: For playing video games in a bright room.
    • Presentation (MG-850HD only): For giving presentations using color in a bright room.
    • Blackboard (MG-850HD only): Allows you to project on a blackboard (green) and maintain a natural-looking tint.
    Note: The MG-850HD has Home Mode and Business Mode that contain different color mode options. By default, the projector is in Home Mode. To switch between these two, hold down the Color Mode button for five seconds, or until you see either Home Mode or Business Mode appear in the top, right-hand corner of the projector screen.
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