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I installed EasyMP Monitor v4.52 on Windows 7 and copied the EMP Monitor.DAT file from my Windows XP to the Windows 7 system. The previously registered products do not appear in EasyMP Monitor v4.52. What is wrong?

  • There may be another EMP Monitor.DAT file existing on your Windows 7 system. Do the following:
    1. Close the EasyMP Monitor program on your Windows 7 system, if necessary.
    2. Click or Start, and type EMP Monitor.DAT in the search box.
    3. Delete the EMP Monitor.DAT file from your Windows 7 system.
    4. Copy the EMP Monitor.DAT file from the Windows XP system to the Windows 7 system.
    5. Note: Make sure you copy the file to the following location on your Windows 7 system: C:\Program Files\EPSON Projector\EasyMP Monitor Ver4.52.
    6. Launch the EasyMP Monitor program.
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