Support Projectors PowerLite Series Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 3020

Only part of the picture is displayed or the image looks distorted. What should I do?

  • Try the following solutions:
    • Press the Aspect button on the remote control to select a different aspect ratio. See Choosing the Aspect Ratio.
    • If the Aspect is set to Zoom, you may need to use the Zoom Caption Pos. option to see the top or bottom section of the screen so that subtitles are visible.
    • Check the Overscan to make sure it's adjusted correctly.
    • Use the Position setting to reposition the image on the screen.
    • If you've connected a computer and you see only half the image, make sure the computer's Dual Display setting is turned off.
    • If part of the image is cut off, reset the projector settings. See Resetting the Projector.
    • If your video device is connected with the WirelessHD Transmitter (PowerLite Home Cinema 3020e only), make sure you are within the wireless transmission range. See Placing the WirelessHD Transmitter.
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