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When should I replace the projection lamp?

  • It's time to replace the lamp when:
    • The projected image gets darker or starts to deteriorate.
    • The projector's lamp light flashes orange at half-second intervals.
    • The message Replace the lamp appears on the screen when you start projecting.
    You can purchase a lamp (part number V13H010L69) from your dealer or the Epson Store.

    Note: Lamp life results will vary depending on mode selected, environmental conditions, and usage.

    Warning: Let the lamp cool fully (about 1 hour) before replacing it. In the unlikely event that the lamp has broken, small glass fragments may be present and should be removed carefully to avoid injury.

    Caution: Never touch the glass portion of the lamp with your bare hands; the invisible residue left by the oil on your hands may shorten the lamp life. Use a cloth or glove to handle the new lamp.
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