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Can I use the product mount for the PowerLite 470/480i/475W/485W or the BrightLink 475Wi/480Wi/485Wi with my product?

  • You can use the PowerLite 470/480i/475W/485W or BrightLink 475Wi/480Wi/485Wi projector mounts with the PowerLite 570/575W/580i/585W, BrightLink 575Wi/585Wi/595Wi, and BrightLink Pro 1420Wi/Pro 1430Wi projectors as long as the projectors have the same native resolution.

    For example, the PowerLite 470 (XGA) projector mount will work with the PowerLite 570 (XGA). The BrightLink 485Wi (WXGA) projector mount will work with the BrightLink 585Wi (WXGA).

    Note: The XGA and WXGA resolution projectors' mount setup positions are different, they have different setup offsets.

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