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Can I connect my product to a network?

  • Yes. See below.

    Wired Network Projection

    You can send images to your projector through a wired network. To do this, you connect the projector to your network, and then set up your projector and computer for network projection.

    After connecting and setting up the projector as described here, install the network software from the Epson Projector Software CD or download the software as necessary. Use the following software and documentation to set up, control, and monitor network projection:

    • EasyMP Network Projection software sets up your computer for network projection. See the EasyMP Network Projection Operation Guide for instructions.
    • EasyMP Monitor software (Windows only) lets you monitor and control your projector through the network. You can download the latest software and documentation from the Downloads tab for your product.
    • EasyMP Multi PC Projection software allows you to hold interactive meetings by projecting the computer screens of users over a network. See the EasyMP Multi PC Projection Operation Guide for instructions.
    • EasyMP Network Updater software (Windows only) allows you to update firmware for a projector over a wired LAN. See the EasyMP Network Updater Operation Guide for instructions. You can download the latest software and documentation from the Epson web site. Go to (U.S.) or (Canada) and select your projector.

    Note: If your projector is connected via a LAN cable to a network that includes a wireless access point, you can connect to the projector wirelessly through the access point using the EasyMP Network Projection software.

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