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I don't see the Start Inking option on the Review tab in my Microsoft Office Application. What should I do?

  • If you are using Windows 8.x, Windows 7, or Windows Vista, you can use the pen input and Ink tools to add input and annotations to your work. You can also use these features over a network when you set the interactive features to be available on your network. See the EasyMP Network Projection Operation Guide for instructions on setting up your computer for network projection.

    Enabling Windows Pen Input and Ink Tools

    To use the pen input and Ink tools in Windows 8.x, Windows 7, or Windows Vista, you need to adjust the pen operation mode in your projector's menus.
    1. Press the Menu button, select the Extended menu, and press Enter.
    2. Select the Easy Interactive Function setting and press Enter.
    3. Set the Pen Operation Mode setting in the PC Interactive section to One User/Pen and press Enter.

    Using Windows Pen Input and Ink Tools

    If you are using Windows 8.x, Windows 7, or Windows Vista, you can add handwritten input to your work and convert it to text.

    If you have Microsoft Office 2003 or later, you can also use the Ink function to add handwritten notes to a Word document, Excel spreadsheet, or PowerPoint presentation.

    Note: Option names for the annotation functions may vary depending on your version of Microsoft Office.

    • To open the Touch Keyboard in Windows 8.x, right-click or tap-and-hold on the Taskbar, and select Toolbars > Touch Keyboard. Select the keyboard icon on the screen and select the pen icon.
    • To open the Tablet PC input panel in Windows 7 or Windows Vista, select > All Programs > Accessories > Tablet PC > Tablet PC Input Panel.

      You can write in the box using the interactive pen or your finger, and select from a variety of options to edit and convert the text.
    • To add Ink annotations in Microsoft Office applications, select the Review menu, and select Start Inking.

      Note: In Microsoft Word or Excel, select the Insert tab and select Start Inking.

    • To annotate your PowerPoint slides in Slideshow mode, press the button on the side of the interactive pen or press the projection surface with your finger for about 3 seconds, and select Pointer Options > Pen from the pop-up menu.

      Note: This also works in Windows XP Tablet PC Edition.

    For more information about these features, see Windows Help.

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