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Does Epson have longer cables available for purchase?

  • No. You can use over-the-counter USB extenders.

    See the table below for cables that have been tested and approved to work with your BrightLink.

    Company Description Part Number
    CableMax USB 2.0 High-Speed Active Extension Cable 16.5 ft. USBG-EXT17
    Elecom USB extender cable USB2-EXA50
    Buffalo Kokuyo USB 2.0 Extension cable AUR09GR
    Icron USB 2.0 Ranger 2211 Cat5 100 meter extender ICR2211
    Aten USB 2.0 UEH4002 Cat5 100 meter extender UEH4002
    Gefen USB 2.0 LR Cat5 extender EXT-USB2.0-LR

    Note: Epson does not certify, endorse, or guarantee the performance of these products. Please contact the vendor for any warranty or support issues with the product.

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