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How do I change the image source?

  • If you connected multiple image sources to the projector, such as a computer and DVD player, you may want to switch from one image source to the other.

    1. Make sure the connected image source you want to use is turned on.
    2. For video image sources, insert a DVD or other video media and press its play button, if necessary.
    3. Do one of the following:
      • Press the Search button on the remote control until you see the image from the source you want.
      • Press the button for the source you want on the remote control.

        1 HDMI port source
        2 HDBaseT port source
        3 Computer port source
        4 Network port source
        5 DVI-D port source
        6 BNC port source
        7 SDI port source
      • Press the button for the source you want on the projector.

        1 HDMI and HDBaseT port sources
        2 DVI-D port source
        3 SDI port source
        4 BNC port source
        5 Computer port source
        6 Network port source
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