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How do I set up my projector?

  • Your ultra-short throw projector is designed to be installed on a wall (with a wall mount) or vertically on a table (with a table mount) to create an interactive tabletop workspace.

    You can also place the projector on a flat surface such as a desk or table to project in a portable setup.

    Note: Finger touch (BrightLink 695Wi) is available only if the projector is installed on a wall (with a wall mount) or vertically on a table (with a table mount).

    Keep these considerations in mind as you select a projector location:

    • Follow the instructions in the Installation Guide provided with your mounting hardware to install the projector using the included mounting equipment.
    • Leave plenty of space around and under the projector for ventilation, and do not place it on top of or next to anything that could block the vents.
    • Position the projector within reach of a grounded electrical outlet or extension cord.
    • If installing vertically on a table, the table projection mount (V12H516020) is required.
    • If installing on a wall, the wall mount (V12H777020) is required.
    • If the projector is not mounted, place it on a sturdy, level surface.
    • For finger touch (BrightLink 695Wi), make sure the projection surface is flat, smooth, and unwarped with no more than 0.2 inch (5 mm) of unevenness in any direction.

    Projector Setup and Installation Options

    You can set up or install your projector in the following ways:

    Mounted on the wall or ceiling

    Mounted vertically on a table to create an interactive workspace

    Front projection from a table or portable cart (BrightLink 685Wi)

    Wherever you set up the projector, make sure to position it squarely in front of the screen, not at an angle.

    If you project from a table or portable cart, be sure to select the correct Projection option in the projector's menu system.

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