Support Projectors Pro Series Epson Pro L1500U

Which optional lenses are available for my product?

  • Epson offers the following lenses for your product:

    Option or part Part number Throw ratio range
    Ultra short throw zoom lens (ELPLX01) V12H004X01 0.35
    Short throw zoom lens #1 (ELPLU03) V12H004U03 0.65-0.78
    Short throw zoom lens #2 (ELPLU04) V12H004U04 0.87-1.06
    Wide throw zoom lens #1 (ELPLW05) V12H004W05 1.04-1.46
    Wide throw zoom lens #2 (ELPLW06) V12H004W06 1.63-2.22
    Middle throw zoom lens #1 (ELPLM08)

    Standard lens for Pro L1100U, Pro L1200U, Pro L1300U, and L1405U.

    V12H004M08 1.45-2.32
    Middle throw zoom lens #2 (ELPLM09)

    Standard lens for Pro L1500U and L1505U.

    V12H004M09 2.15-3.19
    Middle throw zoom lens #3 (ELPLM10) V12H004M0A 3.31-5.07
    Middle throw zoom lens #4 (ELPLM11) V12H004M0B 4.84-7.39
    Long throw zoom lens (ELPLL08) V12H004L08 7.20-10.12
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