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How should I transport the product?

  • The projector contains precision parts, some of which are glass. Follow the guidelines here to transport, ship, or store the projector safely.

    Use three or more people to unpack or lift the projector.

    Warning: When moving the projector, do not hold the lens replacement cover. It may come off and the projector may fall, which could cause an injury.

    1. Turn the projector off, wait for it to beep, and remove any equipment connected to the projector.
    2. If you are packing the projector to transport it a long distance, remove the lens unit and attach the cap for the lens cover.
    3. To lift or lower the projector, install four commercially available eye bolt screws M6 (up to a depth of 27 mm) to the screw thread holes in each corner of the projector.

    4. Attach straps or chains to the screws and make sure the angle of the strap is 60 degrees or more when lifting or lowering the projector.

      Do not lift the projector with the front, back, or side of the projector facing up. Do not use the eye bolt screws for permanent installation as this can cause damage.

      Do not use the eye bolt screws for permanent installation as this can cause damage.

    5. Do one of the following:
      • When transporting the projector a long distance or as checked luggage, pack it in a firm box with cushioning around it and mark the box "Fragile."
      • When shipping the projector for repairs, place it in its original packing materials, if possible, or use equivalent materials with cushioning around the projector. Mark the box "Fragile."

    Note: Epson shall not be liable for any damages incurred during transportation.

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