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How do I add templates to use in my projector's Whiteboard mode?

  • See below.

    Selecting Background Templates

    In Whiteboard mode, you can insert horizontal lines, a graph-paper grid, or another background template and place it on your whiteboard pages. You can select from 10 pre-installed patterns or add up to 10 custom templates.
    1. In whiteboard mode, select the Template tool on the bottom toolbar. You see the available templates.
    2. Select one of the template patterns or add a new pattern by selecting Settings and tapping one of the template placeholders, then selecting an available PNG file.

      Note: You must have a USB flash drive or a shared directory available with a PNG file as a new pattern.

    3. If you want to use the pattern for all the pages in the current session, select Apply to all pages.
    4. To scale the pattern, select the pattern repeatedly to cycle through the different scales.

      Note: Not all patterns will scale.

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