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No image or the incorrect image displays when I project through a USB connection. What should I do?

  • If no image appears or if the image appears incorrectly using the USB Display function, try the following solutions:

    • Press the USB button on the remote control.
    • Press the Source Search button on the remote control or control panel, and select USB Display.
    • Make sure the USB Display software has installed correctly. Install it manually if necessary.
    • Make sure the USB Type B setting in the Extended menu is set to one of the USB Display options.
    • On a Mac, select the USB Display icon in the Dock or from the Applications folder.
    • For images projected with Windows Media Center, reduce the screen size from full screen mode.
    • For images projected from applications using Windows DirectX, turn off DirectX functions.
    • If the mouse cursor flickers, select Make the movement of the mouse pointer smooth in the Epson USB Display Settings program on your computer.
    • Turn off the Transfer layered window setting in the Epson USB Display Settings program on your computer.
    • If you are projecting using the WUXGA (1920 × 1200) video format and change the computer resolution during projection, the video quality and performance may decline.
    • Make sure you are using the most recent version of the USB Display software. You can download the latest version from the Epson web site. Go to epson.com/support (U.S.) or epson.ca/support (Canada) and select your projector.
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