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Can I use the remote control to click through a slide show presentation?

  • Yes, you can if you set up the remote control to function as a wireless mouse.

    To do this, connect your computer to the projector's USB-B port. If you are using the USB-B port to project, you also need to change the USB Type B setting in the Extended menu to Wireless Mouse/USB Display. The USB-B port on the projector is used to set up the remote control to act as a wireless mouse.

    Note: This function does not work when you project from a device via an MHL connection.

    Note: Interactivity is not available when using the remote as a wireless mouse. However, you can use the interactive pens or your finger to operate the slide show if you set the USB Type B setting to Easy Interactive Function or USB Display/Easy Interactive Function in the Extended menu.

    You can also use the PC Free feature to present a slide show if you connect a USB device with compatible presentation files to the projector. After you connect the device, press the USB button on the remote control and locate your files.

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