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How do I access the Crestron Connected settings for my projector since Adobe Flash is no longer supported?

  • Epson has provided a firmware update that will incorporate Crestron settings into the projector's web page-based Network Configuration menu. This menu is accessible with a network connection to the projector. The firmware update eliminates the requirement for Adobe Flash and will no longer have the Crestron Connected user interface for configuring the settings.


    Note: Make sure your computer is connected to the network.

    1. Go to the Downloads tab for your projector and download the firmware update.
    2. Set the Crestron Connected setting to On to allow the projector to be detected.

      Note: Reboot your system after the Crestron Connected setting has been set to On.

    3. Enter the projector's IP address into the browser's address box. You see the Epson Web Control screen:

      Note: Some settings shown below may not be available for your product.

    4. Click Advanced. You will see a warning that the connection is not private.
    5. Click the Advanced button.
    6. Click Proceed to [projector's IP address]. A log in screen will appear.
    7. Enter EPSONWEB as the User ID.
    8. Enter admin for the password. A menu selection screen will appear.
    9. Select Network > Crestron Control. The Crestron Control menu will appear. You can now select Crestron Control settings to configure Crestron Connected.
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