Support Projectors EF Series Epson EF-100W with Android TV

How do I connect a streaming media player?

  • You can connect the streaming device included with your projector to the projector's HDMI port. Connecting the USB power cable provides power to the streaming device.

    Note: To use video-on-demand or Android TV features through the streaming device, you must first pair the projector remote control to the projector.

    1. Remove the rear cover from the projector.

    2. Open the USB power cable clamp.

    3. Connect the streaming device to the projector's HDMI extension cable.

    4. Connect the USB power cable to the streaming device's USB power port and fit the device securely inside the projector.

      Do not force the streaming device into the projector; you may damage the projector and/or the device.

    5. Make sure the device is securely connected as shown. Pass the USB power cable through the cable clamp, then close the cable clamp to secure the cable.

    6. Replace the rear cover and push it into place.

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