Support Projectors EF Series Epson EF-100B with Android TV

One of my Android TV remotes works with my projector, but the other one does not. What should I do?

  • You need to pair the remote control that does not work to the projector. See below.

    1. With the remote that works, select on the screen.

    2. Select Remotes & Accessories.

    3. Select Add accessory. The streaming stick will start scanning for new devices. While it is scanning, perform the next step.
    4. With the remote that is not working, press the Enter button and the (Minus) Vol button at the same time. A red light will blink on the remote when it is pairing with the projector. When you see the message Pairing, press the Enter button on the remote that was working.

      Note: If the red light stops blinking before you finish pairing the remote, repeat this step.

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