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How do I configure my product for rear and/or ceiling placement?

  • Do the following:

    1. Press the Menu button.
    2. Select the Installation menu and press Enter.
    3. Select Projection and press Enter.
    4. Select one of the following settings:
      • Front lets you project from a table in front of the screen.
      • Front/Upside Down flips the image over top-to-bottom to project upside-down from a wall or ceiling mount. This mode should also be used when you mount the projector vertically on a table to create an interactive work surface.
      • Rear flips the image horizontally to project from behind a translucent screen.
      • Rear/Upside Down flips the image over top-to-bottom and horizontally to project from the wall or ceiling and behind a translucent screen.

    Note: Interactivity is not available when using rear or rear upside down projection. Finger touch interactivity is only available if the projector is installed on a wall with a wall mount and with a compatible Touch Unit installed.

    You can also change the projection mode from Front to Front/Upside Down or from Rear to Rear/Upside Down by pressing and holding the A/V Mute button on the remote control for 5 seconds or until an image appears.

    Note: To project from overhead, you'll need the optional wall mount hardware.

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