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Will the projector automatically turn on when a playlist is scheduled to start playing?

  • No, the timetable you created for your playlist in the Epson Projector Content Manager software will not turn on the projector. For the projector to turn on automatically, you must create a scheduled event in the projector's Extended menu.

    To create a scheduled event, do the following:

    1. Press the Menu button on the remote control.
    2. Select the Management menu and select Schedule Settings.
    3. Select the Schedule menu and select Add New.
    4. In the Event Settings section, select the events you want to have occur. (Select No Change for events that you do not want to occur.)
    5. In the Date/Time Settings section, set the date or days of the week and the time you want the projector to turn on.
    6. Select Save.
    7. Select Setup complete and select Yes to save your event.

    Note: For more information about saving scheduled events, see your projector's User's Guide.

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