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How do I connect my image source to the product?

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    Connecting to Computer Sources

    Follow the instructions in these sections to connect a computer to the projector.

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    Connecting to an HDMI Video Source

    If your video source has an HDMI port, you can connect it to the projector using an optional HDMI cable. The HDMI connection provides the best image quality.
    1. Connect the HDMI cable to your video source's HDMI output port.

      Note: To display signals in the 18 Gbps transmission band, such as from a 4K 60 fps source, use a cable rated for 18Gbps signals (Pro Cinema 6050UB).

    2. Connect the other end to one of the projector's HDMI ports. If you are connecting an optical HDMI cable, you must also connect the cable's USB power connector to the Opt.HDMI (300mA) port.

    Note: When an audio/video source that meets the HDMI CEC standard is connected to the projector's HDMI port, you can use the projector's remote control to control certain features of the linked device by pressing the HDMI Link button on the remote control and setting HDMI Link to On.

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