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Which smart devices are compatible with my product?

  • See the table below for a list of compatible devices and supported features. Your device must be connected to your Moverio BT-30C with a USB Type-C connection.

    Note: Not all devices listed below support all features of the Moverio BT-30C. Epson does not certify, endorse, or guarantee the performance of these devices. Please contact the vendor for any warranty or support issues with the device.

    Device Video output Audio output Audio input Sensor operation MOVERIO Link app
    HTC U11 601HT (Snapdragon 835)
    HTC U11 HTV33 (Snapdragon 835)
    Essential PH-1 (Snapdragon 835)
    Huawei Mate 10 Pro (Kirin 970)
    Huawei Mate 20 Pro (Kirin 980)
    Huawei P20 (Kirin 970)
    Huawei P20 Pro (Kirin 970)
    LG V20 (Snapdragon 820)
    LG isai V30+ LGV35 (Snapdragon 835)
    LG V30+ L-01K (Snapdragon 835)
    LG V35 ThinQ (Snapdragon 835)
    LG V40 ThinQ (Snapdragon 845)
    Samsung Galaxy S8 SCV36 (Snapdragon 835)
    Samsung Galaxy S8 SC-02J (Snapdragon 835)
    Samsung Galaxy S8+ SC-03J (Snapdragon 835)
    Samsung Galaxy S8+ SCV35 (Snapdragon 835)
    Samsung Galaxy Note8 SCV37 (Snapdragon 835)
    Samsung Galaxy Note8 SC-01K (Snapdragon 835)
    Samsung Galaxy S9 SCV38 (Snapdragon 845)
    Samsung Galaxy S9 SC-02K (Snapdragon 845)
    Samsung Galaxy S9+ SCV39 (Snapdragon 845)
    Samsung Galaxy S9+ SC-03K (Snapdragon 845)
    Samsung Galaxy Note9 SCV40 (Snapdragon 845)
    Samsung Galaxy Note9 SC-01L (Snapdragon 845)
    Samsung Galaxy S10 (Snapdragon 855)
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