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The image is too dark or light, or the colors are incorrect. What should I do?

  • If the projected image is too dark or light, or the colors are incorrect, try the following solutions:

    • Check your video source settings.
    • Make sure the SD card is inserted correctly.
    • Adjust the available settings on the Image menu for the current input source, such as Brightness, Contrast, Tint, Color Mode, and/or Color Saturation.
    • Make sure you selected the correct Video Range setting on the Signal menu, if available for your image source.
    • Make sure all the cables are securely connected to the projector and your video device. If you connected long cables, try connecting shorter cables.
    • Make sure the Brightness Settings options in the Settings menu are set correctly.
    • Position the projector close enough to the screen.
    • When using multiple projectors, make sure Light Source Calibration in the Reset menu is set correctly in all of the projectors. If light source calibration is performed only in some of the projectors, the white balance and the brightness level of the projected image may differ between the projectors.
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