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Nothing projects on the screen. What should I do?

  • If no image appears, try the following solutions:

    • Make sure the lens cap is off.
    • Check the status lights to confirm the projector is operating normally.
    • Make sure all necessary cables are securely connected and the power is on for the projector and connected video sources.
    • If you connected your video source to the Computer2/Monitor Out port, make sure you set the Monitor Out Port setting to Computer2.
    • Press the projector's power button to wake it from standby or sleep mode. Also see if your connected computer is in sleep mode or displaying a blank screen saver.
    • If the projector does not respond when you press any buttons on the projector, an internal error may have occurred in the projector. Contact Epson for help.
    • Adjust the Brightness setting on the Image menu.
    • Adjust the brightness of your projector's light source.
    • Check the Display menu to make sure the Messages setting is set to On.
    • If the projector does not respond when you press the control panel buttons, the buttons may be locked. Unlock the buttons.
    • For images projected with Windows Media Center, reduce the screen size from full screen mode.
    • For images projected from applications using Windows DirectX, turn off DirectX functions.
    • The projector may not be able to project copyrighted videos that you play back on a computer. For details, see the manual supplied with your computer.
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