Support Projectors Pro Series Epson EB-PU1007B

Which settings should I select when I turn on my projector for the first time?

  • The first time you use your projector, you see the projector go through a lens calibration routine. Then you must complete the initial installation steps before your projector can be used. Do the following to complete the initial setup:

    1. Press the Enter button after the lens calibration routine has finished.

      Note: Lens calibration helps the projector to correctly acquire the lens position and adjustment range, and can take up to 100 seconds to complete.

    2. Select your orientation and then press the Enter button.

    3. Select your language and then press the Enter button.
    4. Press the Enter button when you see the prompt Change [NFC Write Protection] to [On].
    5. Select Yes to set the time and then press the Enter button.

      Note: Setting the date and time is required for the Scheduler to work properly.

    6. Select the Date & Time setting and press the Enter button. Adjust the Date and Time settings to the current date and time. Select Set and then press the Enter button. The initial installation setup is complete.
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