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I installed an optional lens and now the lights on my projector indicate a lens shift error. What should I do?

  • When the projector is in this state, you will need to press and hold the Lens Shift button on the remote control until the lens starts to move. Then, release the button, wait for the lens to stop moving, and then turn the projector off and on again.

    If the error continues, you will need to remove, reattach, and calibrate the lens to correct the lens shift error. See the instructions below.

    Removing a Lens

    You can remove a lens to replace it with a different lens. The projector uses a laser as the light source. As a safety measure, the light source turns off when the lens is removed. Attach the lens, and then press the On button to turn it back on.

    Warning: Wait at least 30 minutes to remove or replace the lens after turning off the projector. Touching the lens unit before it cools down may cause burns.

    1. Press and hold the Lens Shift (remote control) or Lens (control panel) button for approximately 3 seconds to move the lens to the center position.
    2. Turn off the projector and unplug the power cord.
    3. Pull the lens replacement cover off of the projector.

    4. If necessary, loosen the screw next to the lock lever.

    5. Hold the lens firmly as you pinch the lock lever and move it to the Release position.

    6. Gently pull the lens straight out of the projector.

    Attaching a Lens

    You can attach a compatible lens to the projector.

    Unplug the power cord from the projector before attaching the lens. Avoid touching the lens with your bare hands to prevent fingerprints on or damage to the lens surface.

    1. Pull the lens replacement cover off of the projector.

    2. Pinch the lock lever and move it to the Release position. Remove the black lock lever stopper.

    3. Insert the lens straight into the projector's lens socket with the white dot facing up.

      Make sure you do not get your fingers caught between the lens and projector.

    4. Hold the lens firmly after it is fully inserted, then pinch the lock lever and move it to the Lock position.

      Note: Make sure the lens is securely attached.

    5. If you want to secure the lens more firmly, tighten the screw next to the lock lever with a 2.5 mm hexagonal wrench.

      Note: The ELPLX02S and ELPLX02WS lenses are secured even without using the screw lock.

    6. Replace the lens replacement cover.

      Note: If you are projecting downwards, we recommend securing the lens replacement cover with M3 x 12 mm screws (not included).

    7. Turn on the projector to perform lens calibration. When you see a message prompting you to begin lens calibration, select Yes.

      Note: If no message appears after attaching the lens, perform lens calibration by holding down the Default button on the remote control for approximately 3 seconds, or you can go to Extended > Operation > Lens Calibration in the projector menu.

      Note: Lens calibration helps the projector to correctly acquire the lens position and adjustment range, and can take up to 100 seconds to complete. When calibration is finished, the lens returns to the same position it was in before calibration. The ELPLX02S and ELPLX02WS lenses return to the standard position.

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