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I'm having difficulty Capturing, Printing, Saving, or Scanning. What should I do?

  • If you are having trouble capturing and pasting, or printing, saving, or scanning, try the following solutions:

    • If you have at least 20 pages on the whiteboard screen, the following operations are unavailable:
      • Capturing a page
      • Pasting a copied object or image
      • Opening a new page
      • Scanning an image
    • If you are having trouble pasting a captured image, make sure the image is not HDCP protected.
    • If a black frame appears around a pasted image, it may be because the image was shifted or resized.
    • Connect only one printer or multifunction device at a time, and make sure the device is supported by the projector.
    • If you are having trouble printing or scanning, make sure the printer is not out of ink, jammed, or in any other error state.
    • For USB printing or scanning, make sure the USB cable is connected between the USB-A port on the projector and the USB-B port on the printer.
    • For USB printing or scanning, try connecting a different USB cable, and make sure the cables are less than 16 feet (4.9 m) long.
    • Check the settings on the Interactive menu.
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