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The pens are difficult to use with multiple projectors of the same model in the same room. What should I do?

  • Make sure to connect the projectors and select the appropriate menu settings as described below.

    Connecting Multiple Projectors of the Same Model

    If you use the interactive features of multiple projectors of the same model in the same room, you need to synchronize the projectors. To do this, connect a stereo mini cable to the SYNC port on each projector.


    • The interactive features are available only when connecting two projectors.
    • Make sure the cables are labeled "No resistance."
    1. Connect one end of the cable to the SYNC In port on one projector, and connect the other end to the SYNC Out port on the other projector.

      Note: If you are connecting three or more projectors, connect the projectors in a chain as shown.

    2. Press the Menu button.
    3. Select the Pen/Touch menu and press  Enter.

    4. Select Installation of Projectors and press  Enter.
    5. Select Wired as the Sync of Projectors setting.
    6. Press Menu or Esc to exit the menus.
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