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Do I need to connect a computer or video device to the projector to annotate?

  • No, the projector has an integrated, PC-free electronic whiteboard that allows digital annotations even when no devices are connected. The Whiteboard mode allows you to write or draw on the projection screen just as you would on a chalkboard or dry erase board; built-in backgrounds are also available with the Whiteboard mode. PC Free Annotation mode allows you to annotate with or without other devices connected to the projector.

    Note: The projector's built-in tools do not provide the same functions as the Easy Interactive Tools software.

    To switch to Whiteboard mode, press the Home button on the remote control and select Whiteboard.

    To switch to PC Free Annotation mode, use the remote control to select an unused input source. If you cannot annotate on the unused input source, make sure the Drawing Function setting in the Interactive menu is set to On.

    You see a toolbar at the bottom of the projection screen. This toolbar allows you to draw and write on the screen.

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