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My image is blurry. What should I do?

  • If the image is not clear try the following things:
    1. There may be dirt on the lenses. Clean the lenses whenever you notice dirt or dust on the surface. Use a canister of compressed air to remove dust. To remove dirt or smears on the lenses, use lens-cleaning paper. If necessary, moisten a soft cloth with lens cleaner and gently wipe the lens surface. Clean both sides of the close-up lens.
    2. Try pressing the Auto Focus button. If you change items on the stage, press the Auto Focus button to focus the image. The following objects may not focus well using the auto focus feature:
    - Objects with little contrast
    - Objects with a bright background or excessive contrast
    - Objects with fine repeated patterns or stripes
    - Objects that glitter or reflect bright light
    - Objects with varying depths of field To manually focus these objects, use the Near or Far button on the remote control.
    3. The presentation material may be too close to the lens. Make sure the close-up lens is installed.
    4. The presentation material may be too far from the lens. Remove the close-up lens.
    5. Make sure there is no condensation on the lenses. You may need to wait before using the document camera after moving it from a cold environment to a warm environment.
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