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How do I set up the AP-60 for the best audio performance?

  • Adjust the sound from the mic until it is loud, clear, and free of feedback. The line audio sources should be slightly quieter than the mic audio. For this setup, do the following:
    1. Turn the gain control knobs to Off (far left).
    2. Connect the desired line audio sources. Don't play the sound yet.
    3. Put the pendant mic over your head with the black emitter facing away from your chest. Adjust the pendant mic so the top of it is aligned with your collarbone.
    4. Turn the mic on and make sure Channel 1 is selected on the mic. Also, make sure the AP-60 has the Channel 1 light is On.
    5. Adjust the volume on the mic so it's approximately 50% full power (the white line should be in the middle).
    6. Speak into the mic at a normal voice and gradually increase the gain control of the connected mic channel until the white line on the control is in the middle position.

      Repeat this step for a second mic if you're using one.
    7. Reduce the master volume 6 or 8 clicks (a few clicks after the feedback stops).
    8. Re-adjust the gain control or the microphone volume wheel as desired.
    9. Play the audio source that is connected to Line 1 and adjust the volume control on the audio source (not the AP-60) until it's about 75% full power (a strong signal but not all the way up).
    10. With the audio playing from the source on Line 1, speak into the mic and adjust the gain control for Line 1 on the AP-60. The line audio should be slightly quieter than the mic audio. The mic should be slightly louder than the line audio source.

      Repeat this step for the audio source connected to Line 2.

    To adjust the volume after the AP-60 has been installed, do the following:
    • Adjust the volume at the source that's connected to Line 1 or 2.
    • Adjust the pendant mic's volume using the wheel.
    • Adjust the master volume with the master volume controls on the remote control.
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