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Why does the AP-60 turn off when sound is coming through the speakers?

  • The Auto Shut-Off circuit in the AP-60 will put it into standby mode if it does not receive an audio signal after 60 minutes. The audio signal has to be above a certain level for the AP-60 to register there is a signal present. If you've connected an iPod, laptop or similar device it may not send a strong enough signal to the AP-60 for it to register a signal is present.

    Try increasing the volume of the device (at least 75% of the over all volume) and the master volume on the AP-60 down slightly.

    Note: If you change the master volume, you may need to adjust the volume for the other sources.

    Also, if you turn on the pendant microphone or press a button on the remote control, the internal Auto-Off counter will reset itself. Auto-Off activation is most likely to occur when playing long stretches of relatively-quiet audio from a low-voltage device (such as playing a quiet movie from an iPod).
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