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What image size is supported?

  • See the tables below.

    Screen Size
    Diagonal Image Size
    16:10WXGA 60 to 96 inches (152 to 244 cm)
    4:3XGA63 to 102 inches (160 to 259 cm)
    16:9Widescreen58 to 93 inches (147 to 236 cm)

    Image Size
    Width50.4 to 81.6 inches (128.0 to 207.3 cm)
    Height28.4 to 61.2 inches (72.2 to 155.5 cm)

    Note: The interactive module works with images projected on a pre-installed whiteboard or directly on a plain wall. The projected image must be between 58 and 102 inches (147 and 259 cm), measured diagonally. You may need to adjust your image size to work with the interactive module.

    Interactivity cannot be guaranteed if the screen is smaller than 58 inches (147 cm) measured diagonally
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