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How do I display a slideshow?

  • Once you have stored images in the document camera's internal memory or on an SD card or USB drive, you can display a slideshow.
    1. Press the Menu button and select Memory.
    2. Select Internal Memory (to view images in internal memory), SD Card (to view images on your SD card, if inserted), or USB Flash Drive (to view images on your USB drive, if connected).
    3. You see a screen like this:
    4. To rotate an image, use the     arrow buttons to highlight it and press Enter to select it. (Press Enter again to deselect it.) A checkmark is added to the image. In the same way, select any additional images you want to rotate.
    5. Select Rotate. All checkmarked images are rotated 90 degrees clockwise.

      Note: Image quality may decrease slightly after rotating an image. Also, if your photo is time-stamped, the date will be changed to a default value.
    6. Use the     arrow buttons to highlight each image to be displayed in the slideshow, and press Enter to select it. (Press Enter again to deselect it.) A checkmark is added to the selected images.
    7. Note: To add checkmarks to all images, choose Select All. To remove all checkmarks, choose Select All again.
    8. Select Play/Slideshow to display the first image in the slideshow. To start or stop the movie, press Enter.
    9. Note: When connecting to a projector with an HDMI cable, the movie's audio is also played.
    10. Press to advance to the next image.
      Press to return to the previous image.
    11. End the slideshow by pressing while the last image is displayed. Or press Menu or Esc to end the slideshow at any time.

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