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Nothing projects on the screen. What should I do?

  • Try the following:

    If connected to a projector:
    • Make sure the product is connected correctly, see Connecting to a Projector.
    • Select the correct source on your projector. The source refers to the port on the projector to which you've connected the video cable. If you're using a HDMI or VGA cable, the source may be Computer or PC.
    • Make sure your projector is turned on and not in sleep mode. Make sure its picture has not been muted or turned off.
    • If you made a USB connection, the document camera's USB Mode setting may be set to Mass Storage.
    • You need to change this setting to Application. First disconnect the USB cable, then reconnect to the projector using a VGA, HDMI or composite video cable. Press the Menu button and select Function > USB Mode, then change the setting to Application. Now you can display the image with the application software.
    • The document camera may be set to display an image from your computer. Press the  Source button on the document camera or remote control to display the live camera image.

      Note: You can't change the source when the document camera is connected with a USB connection to a computer.
    If connected to a computer:
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