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How do I record a movie?

  • You can save images and audio from the document camera to an SD card as movies.

    • Movies are saved in AVI format (images: Motion JPEG 720p/30 fps, audio: Linear PCM).
    • You can record individual files up to 2 GB and up to approximately 29 minutes. If the maximum capacity or recording time are exceeded while recording, the movie up to that point is saved and the recording ends.
    • You can check the amount of available free space on the SD card in SD Card Info.
    • Set Sleep Mode to Off to prevent the power turning off while recording.
    1. Insert an SD card in the SD card slot on the document camera.
    2. Project the image you want to save.
    3. Press the Record button on the document camera or remote control to start recording.

      The recording indicator is lit blue while recording.
      • While recording, the elapsed time is displayed at the top right of the screen. This is not displayed on the saved image.
      • If there is no space on the SD card, the message "No free space on the SD Card." is displayed, and the movie is not saved.
      • Do not remove the SD card while recording.
      • The following operations are available while recording: Freeze, Zoom (Pan/Tilt), Auto Focus, Brightness adjustment, and Focus adjustment.

        Note: Background noises are also recorded.

      • While recording, a blue screen is displayed on the computer connected to the document camera.
    4. To stop recording, press the button again.
    While saving a recording, the recording indicator flashes blue. When saving is complete, the indicator turns off. Movies are saved to the following folder on the SD card:

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