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How do I connect the product to a projector?

  • You can connect the product directly to the projector using the included HDMI cable. You can also connect to a projector wirelessly using Miracast.

    To connect the product, see the Connecting Using the HDMI Cable or Connecting to a Projector via Miracast sections below.

    Connecting Using the HDMI Cable

    Connect the HDMI port on the product with a projector using the included HDMI cable. Images (live or on a USB flash drive) from the document camera are output from the projector.

    Note: When image devices that support the HDMI CEC standard are connected to the product, operations for the product and the image device can be linked together. Press the Menu button on the product or remote control, and select System > HDMI Link to set the HDMI link on the product.

    When HDMI Link is set to On(default setting), the product's live image is projected from the image device such as a projector, when the product is turned on. A change to this setting takes effect after the product is turned off.

    For necessary settings on the image device, see the documentation provided with the device.

    Connecting to a Projector via Miracast

    To connect to a projector wirelessly using Miracast, first display the on-screen menu on an HDMI monitor and configure the Miracast settings. Once set, the product will automatically connect via Miracast next time it is turned on.

    Note: Recording and playback are not available when connecting using Miracast.

    1. Connect the HDMI Out port on the document camera with an HDMI monitor using the HDMI cable.
    2. Turn on the product.

      Note: Make sure that the product and a projector are not connected with a USB cable. If they are connected, Miracast settings cannot be made.

    3. Turn on the HDMI monitor.
    4. Press the Menu button on the product.

      The on-screen menu appears on the HDMI monitor.

    5. Open the Miracast menu and select Connect to view a list of devices that can be connected.
    6. Select the projector you want to connect to and press the Enter button.

      The connection to the selected projector is completed, and the projector will project the image from the product.

      Note: To find out the name of the Epson projector to be connected, use the projector to display the source selection screen and select Screen Mirroring. Refer to your projector's User's Guide for details.

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